Entrepreneurs and businesses deserve access to fair markets to bring their vision to life.

But today, dominant corporations often stand in the way. We can change that through policy. It’s time for entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors to join together and demand a level playing field.

Building a business is exciting and rewarding, but also comes with many challenges — a dominant corporation or monopolist using abusive tactics should not be one of them. 

Monopolies are everywhere in America today. They exist across a range of industries like: app development, media and entertainment, medical supplies, fitness, online marketing, cheerleading, retail, farming, meat production and many more — and they often use their power over markets to block growing businesses from competing with new and better products. 

But policymakers are moving for the first time in decades to address the dominance of entrenched firms. Congress completed a groundbreaking, bipartisan investigation into the dominance of large tech platforms in 2020, and antitrust suits have been filed by state attorneys general, the Justice Department, and the Federal Trade Commission. Even more can be done — competition policy is one of many powerful tools that can be wielded by policymakers and regulators to ensure equal opportunity for all businesses. 

Access to Markets is an initiative to ensure they hear from entrepreneurs and businesses about how to create accessible, competitive markets that foster innovation and create fair conditions for commerce.

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Read about the challenges entrepreneurs and business owners face in accessing markets in our concept paper, The Other Red Tape.

Today, monopolies buy up competitors and act like de facto private regulators, imposing arbitrary rules on markets, stifling innovation, and preventing younger businesses from getting a foothold. We explain why the business community must demand a fair and level playing field that is free from dominant gatekeepers.

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Many dominant companies use their market power to intimidate their competitors and prevent them from speaking out or fighting back for fear of retaliation. Access to Markets is providing entrepreneurs, investors and independent businesses a platform and a voice.

The Grommet

Jules Pieri, the co-founder & former CEO of The Grommet, shares the company’s origin story and discusses the challenges posed by Walmart and Amazon.

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Executive Temps

Ted Milner, the president of Executive Temps, talks about the ways Warner Brothers and Disney dominate the entertainment industry.

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Rokeya Chowdhury, owner of Shanti in Boston, MA, explains how dominant delivery apps threatened her restaurant’s survival.

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Sharing your experience can make a difference.

Is your startup or business experiencing anti-competitive conduct or abuse from a dominant corporation? Let us know through this form. We’ll keep your information confidential and only share with your permission. 

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