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This explainer examines the abandonment of the Robinson-Patman Act (once widely known as the “Magna Carta of small business”), the rise of giant power buyers like Amazon and Walmart, and the ways its revival could level the playing field for small busin…

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The Other Red Tape: Market Concentration and the Rise of Private Gatekeepers

This report documents the ways dominant corporations threaten entrepreneurship and business growth and lays out how we can restructure mar…

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Glossary of Anticompetitive Conduct

This brief glossary describes some of the tactics commonly used by dominant corporations to acquire and maintain power over relevant markets.

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Access to Markets: Freeing Entrepreneurs & Independent Businesses From Dominant Gatekeepers

Entrepreneurship Caucus Co-Chair Congressman Neguse joined us to discuss the harms caused by private market restrictions.

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Rescuing Restaurants: How to Protect Restaurants, Workers, and Communities from Predatory Delivery App Corporations

This report exposes delivery apps’ deceptive and often illegal practices and lays out policy solutions to create healthy restaurant markets.

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The Truth About Google, Facebook, and Small Businesses

This policy “quick take” explains how Facebook, Google, and Amazon prey on small businesses as a matter of course, while simultaneously relying on them as props in their PR and lobbying campaigns.

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